Settleware’s e-Signing… When Time Really Counts

The Challenge

The bail bond process is one often filled with great emotion and the frantic request of “Get my loved one out of jail now!” Often those requiring a bail bond are first time offenders, not hardened criminalsthose who made a bad decision, did something silly or stupid, or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is up to their loved ones or friends to post a bail bond.

The bail bond process is a relatively simple one. It consists of the initial application, ID verification, credit check, then signing of the contract package.  As simple as this may seem, it has costly pitfalls. Those posting bail are often embarrassed and do not want paperwork sent to their place of work which can cause delays that result in possibly higher bonds and longer jail time.

There are also two other considerations: credit card fraud and risk to the insurance carrier. The person posting bail must go through an ID verification process and credit check. When time counts, not all identity information is available which can result in cases of credit card fraud. As to the insurer, without complete information the insurer does not have a full picture from which to properly assess the risk of underwriting the bail.

Settleware’s e-Signing Solution

Settleware’s e-Signing can take this process from many crucial hours to minutes while increasing accuracy, confidentiality, privacy and eliminating risk and cost. The only thing needed by both parties is access to a computer (or PDA) and the web. The client is not even required to be in the same city.

Using Settleware’s e-Signing SecureForms the initial paperwork is posted right on your company’s website. Clients log in, complete and sign all forms which will trigger an automatic credit check and ID verification. In minutes the process is completed! The agency then prepares the contract package, uploads it to their secure signing room and sends an e-signature email request. The client receives the email request, clicks on the link, electronically signs the documents and the process is complete.

Advanced routing is also available if you require the signed contract to go to your insurer at any point in the process. You determine the exact work flow that best fits your needs.

The bail bond is complete without printing one page, sending one fax or delivering one courier package all the while maintaining complete accuracy and privacy.