About SettleWare and your Secure Document Management System.

SettleWare is advancing the real estate industry by introducing and implementing its low-cost, web-based solution to all participants in the all-too-cumbersome real estate transaction.

SettleWare had the right idea in 1999 and today, after much collaboration with industry pioneers and experts, has developed the right product for the right time. (US and International patents pending)

We are in the business of providing the first and only middleware software to all participants in the real estate transaction. Our innovative workflow meets all standards set by the E-Sign Act and UETA and connects all parties, documents and processes to electronically streamline the entire transaction – from consumer to County Recorder and beyond.

Whether you’re a buyer/seller/borrower, escrow/closing vendor, title, lender, institutional investor, notary or county recorder you’ll want to investigate the efficiencies offered by our easy, safe and non-disruptive solution – without the need to purchase new, expensive software/hardware or replace/change any of your present legacy systems.

Tomorrow’s future is here today!

Safe, secure digital paper processes are what give you the competitive advantage.