Settleware’s e-Signing Increases Sales, Client Satisfaction and Efficiency

In the competitive world of insurance, companies and agents are always looking for ways to:

  • Acquire new clients
  • Lower the cost of processing clients
  • Increase client retention
  • Reduce policy cancellations and lost business
  • Heighten the client’s experience and promote loyalty
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve legal and compliance position
  • Cut overall office and administration costs
  • Promote corporate responsibility


For most insurers, the sales process is a manual one. When a policy application is completed and bound, whether through the internet or a call center, the final paperwork is sent via courier or mail to the client for review and signature. The client then returns the completed forms and trailing documents, such as the state-mandated coverage selection and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist option forms.

It is common for the client to forget to return all of the forms in the package. As a result the insurance agent needs to be very persistent in following up which causes them to lose valuable time. The client can incur an increase in policy premiums during this delay leading to client dissatisfaction and even policy cancellation. The savvy agent knows that the carrier is exposed and responsible for coverage during the time between policy binding and return of the signed application package. This time gap creates unnecessary and, until now, unavoidable risk.

Many in the insurance industry have built proprietary computer systems. While there are certainly many advantages to proprietary software, the disadvantages cannot be ignored. High upgrade costs, continuing licensing costs and compatibility issues with new software are only a few challenges companies face when legacy software programs have a grip on their business and sales processes.

Settleware’s e-Signing Solution

Settleware’s e-Signing meets all of the needs listed above plus more, and all without expensive start-up costs, costly software integration or time-consuming training. Here’s how:

  • We are a 100% web based SaaS (Software as a Service) that provides you with straight through processing.
  • Settleware’s e-Signing meets and exceeds all criteria for employing electronic signatures set out by the e-SIGN Act and UETA.
  • Complete audit trails are attached to all documents, and can prove compliance in defense of a legal claim.
  • Security is multi-level. All communication between the client desktop and our system takes place through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). We use a 128-bit encrypted message to communicate to the customer. The SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication and message integrity.
  • Agents need only one training session. The process is simple and intuitive.
  • Settleware’s e-Signing adapts to your current workflow. The Settleware’s e-Signing Forms Security Policy Tool can determine who needs to sign each document and in what order.
  • Increase client satisfaction by speeding up the policy process. In minutes they will have completed the whole policy process. The agent needn’t keep calling looking for paperwork.
  • Carrier’s risk due to an in-transit policy is reduced to zero. Once a client calls in or logs into your site, they will have completed the entire application process including signature of all documents within minutes.
  • Company cost reductions are immediately realized in courier services, postage, paper, pre-printed forms, ink, toner, maintenance of copier and fax, and filing costs.
  • Our interface uses your own logo and colors and can be integrated into your existing website.
  • Improved efficiency. Processes are streamlined and time frames collapsed so agents have more time to sell and cross-sell.

At Settleware’s e-Signing we know that each organization has its own unique set of workflow challenges and their own system of acquiring signatures on documents. Every challenge is unique, but the secure solution is the sameSettleware’s e-Signing.