Secure Business Process Management (SecureForms)

Comprehensive Web Forms and Electronic Signature Solutions

The end-to-end process to supply necessary information and obtain approvals for important business transactions such as contracts, task orders and HR processes can be time-consuming, manually-driven and subject to the introduction of errors as paper forms traverse departments throughout the enterprise. Settleware’s SecureForms is a web-based software solution that automates, streamlines and strengthens critical business processes, both inside and outside the organization.

SecureForms provides a single framework in an open architecture that seamlessly integrates with the existing IT infrastructure and applications, including directory services and forms management systems. SecureForms delivers by combining leading business process automation technology with:

  • Comprehensive workflow and rules-based processing engine to model business processes and approval routing
  • Digital signature functionality that supports multiple signature types and includes certificate and notary validation services
  • Secure, transaction-based archive that captures and timestamps all workflow actions and approvals
  • Role-based access control and full reporting
  • Supports MS-Office and Adobe forms, and integration with other enterprise data sources

The result is a solution that broadens the use and acceptance of digital forms and signatures, saving organizations time and money, while improving the security of company and personal information.


  • Slashes business process cycle times with intuitive user interface, dynamic routing and flexible approval capabilities
  • Minimizes data processing errors with built-in validation tools that automate data propagation to and from other enterprise applications
  • Reduces administrative costs and headcount by consolidating redundant activities across disparate departments
  • Mitigates risk via a transaction archive that timestamps and stores all workflow instances and approvals
  • Ensures compliance with security standards and federal legislation (GPEA, HIPAA, Federal Regulation 21 CFR 11)
  • Presents and accepts data in a variety of familiar, intuitive formats
  • Eliminates extended IT footprint since users do not need to install cumbersome client side software in order to view or sign forms.