Settleware’s e-Signing Escrow Benefits

We had the right idea over a decade ago and now the time has come for Electronic Escrow’s—2013 will be the “Year of Adoption” by all escrow/settlement and closing agents!  Settleware, the pioneering e-Signature leader, and the US e-Sign Act are both celebrating our 10th Anniversary and one important question we continue to receive is:

Is this legal?

Yes. E-Sign legislation passed by Congress in 2000 affords electronic signatures the same legal recognition and enforcement as ‘wet-signed’ handwritten signatures. However, parties are not required to sign documents electronically. If you choose not to sign electronically you may use our “Print, Sign and Fax” feature, and documents would still be submitted electronically and paperless to the escrow officer and be recorded in your secure electronic

To read more on the legalities visit our resource center e-Sign FAQ

This system was built and pioneered by escrow leaders, who realize the enormous ”friction” associated with this paper-intensive business. They have also been in the trenches and understand the day-to-day challenges:

  • What “month end” really means, packaging docs, the file cabinets/storage faculties and all the interactions each Escrow officer and assistant(s) have to go through when dealing with their clients and deadlines.
  • Chasing paperwork, signatures and the days you worried if couriers would show up on time - are gone.  It’s Friday at 5pm, Fed Ex and UPS are closing in an hour and you need to prepare a document and get it out for signing – that stress is now a thing of the past!
  • Our system will allow you to send/track/complete and have clients legally bind their signature(s) in minutes versus days! Our affordable, simple and easy to use solution is also perfect for the weekend “Warriors”, when the post office is closed, and may be catching up in their home office.  Now it’s all PAPERLESS and ELECTRONIC via email, anytime – anyplace!
  • 100% Compliant – No Missing Documents, Pages, Information, Initials or Signatures
  • No Paper, No Faxes, No Scanning!

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