Small Business (SOHO)

For decades, sales departments have had difficulty when a deal has to be signed and the client and salesperson are not in the same room. The global market of today’s business environment has only increased these challenges. More companies now sell across North America, or into Europe and Asia, and through numerous time zones. The 21st century pressures of “get it done now” hits a snag when trying to get a distant client’s signature on a piece of paper. When multiple signatures are needed the problems of time and distance grow exponentially.

Most companies currently use overnight couriers, fax machines or a combination of both. But couriers are costly, and terribly inefficient. We have all experienced the times when the courier package goes temporarily missing, or completely lost. Sometimes the client forgets to put all the pages back in the envelope, or doesn’t sign in all the required places.

It is common to need documents faxed three or four times to get all the required signatures. By the end of the process you’ve got illegible, unreadable documents. Faxes often skip pages, or cut off signatures. And security? Faxes sit for hours awaiting delivery. Most companies use a common machine for all, with documents easily readable by anyone. And some people will fax back to you using a Kinko’s public fax machine, which is like publicly posting your confidential documents on a local billboard.

These old solutions add up to lost revenue. They increase the time it takes to close a deal, track down documents, and verify approvals. Sales professionals know that if a deal can be signed, closed, and done quickly, it reduces buyer’s remorse, cuts off last-minute renegotiations, and closes the door on competitive offers slipping in.
Many companies today use CRM software such as the popular SalesForce. Powerful CRM software has changed the face of sales through automation, getting rid of much inefficiency in the sales cycle. It is a great tool– right up to the ‘Sign Here’ part of the cycle. All documents requiring a signature still need to go outside of the SalesForceenvironment. Documents need to be printed, or emailed and printed by clients for signature, which they in turn fax or courier back to sales. This process can take days to complete, and the paper documents are ultimately filed in hardcopy and are not easily accessible to others in sales, finance, or management.

Settleware’s e-Signing Secure Solutions

Settleware’s e-Signing completes the final link in the sales chain and it knows no time zones. Contracts, documents, and sales orders can now be signed securely and legally in minutes instead of days or weeks. With your deal’s closing time cut, confidentiality ensured, and Settleware’s e-Signing ease of use implemented, the bottom line is that lost sales are reduced and revenue increased.

Signatures can be obtained from anyone with an email address, from any computer or PDA in the world. Whether your document is being sent to one signer or a series of clients who sign in sequential order, the secure Settleware’s e-Signing process is the same.

  1. Upload documents
  2. Tag for signature, initials or other information
  3. Email to recipient
  4. Recipient signs documents
  5. Email with copy of signed PDF goes to originator and signer with a copy in your secure Signing Room.

The sales person or their administrator is able to access the Signing Room at any time, where they can see the status of each signature request. If there is no quick response to a signing request, an automatic reminder can be sent to the client. When the document does get opened, an alert is sent to the originator notifying them that the agreement is being viewed.  Then, any delay in signing can be a trigger to the sales person to follow up with the prospect and answer any questions– reducing buyer’s remorse and closing more sales.

Settleware’s e-Signing is able to integrate right into SalesForce, bypassing the need for the “print/sign/fax/courier” process, streamlining SalesForce into a true start-to-finish system.