With the current buzz swirling around spending cuts , mandates to eliminate paper/waste and move applications into the Cloud, Federal, State and Local Government agencies are scrambling to find the answers – ‘How To’ securely implement and address these urgent requirements? Employees are also concerned that Automation must naturally translate to job cuts or possible position elimination all together. Cloud computing services could not be further from the truth.

It’s all about making day-to-day and rudimentary processes simpler, increasing efficiencies and staff becoming more effective at their job by removing most, if not all, the friction surrounding current paper-based and manual processes. Take a look around your office; see any paper, fax machines, scanners, FedEx/UPS envelopes, file cabinets or even stamps or a postage meter? Doesn’t take much of an imagination to realize what your life would be like if they were all removed entirely from the workplace and how much more time you would have to better serve your customers.

Settleware®, the pioneering leader of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Secure Forms solutions, has been the e-Commerce trusted source and certified by government agencies, including, Secretaries of State, County Recorders, Register of Deeds, Department of Health Services, Fannie Mae, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and millions web based transactions annually – we understand and can take you to The Cloud – painlessly and quickly without any large upfront costs.

A study conducted by Accelio (Adobe) discovered that you can save an average of $154.00 per transaction when you migrate your current paper-based forms, contracts, agreements, applications and processes to the Internet-completely digital, electronic and paperless. May not sound like much but when you multiply that by the thousands of transactions your departments process each year the savings is mind boggling. Schedule a 20 minute ‘Blueprint – Work-flow Analysis Overview’ (of course we can schedule this at your convenience and over the Internet) with one of our e-Government process improvement experts and we’ll show how we guarantee that together we can ‘Make a Difference.’

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